we provide a full end to end mechanical engineering solution

About Us

Element Engineering Australia is a mechanical engineering firm providing comprehensive mechanical design, analysis and certification services.

EEA provides all aspects of the mechanical design process delivering a Full End to End Mechanical Engineering Solution when required. Whether you require the exploration of a fresh concept, the structural analysis and certification of a current design, or the full mechanical design and production of a prototype; from conception to delivery, EEA can do it.

EEA provides the following services:

The EEA Way

We pride ourselves in being hands on, on the ground people, who understand all aspects of mechanical engineering, not just the ivory tower “hyper-theoretical” text books which help in design. With backgrounds in boiler making and engineering shop environments, practical understanding of how a product performs or how a structure reacts has become second nature.

The Big Tools

At EEA were different from the pack. We offer our clients the ability to access some of the world’s most powerful analytical tools and highly efficient design tools. Utilizing these tools, your concept can become reality faster and far more cost effectively then physically building and testing many prototypes.

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We couple these tools with practical experience by applying the tools in partnership with our clients who know their product, idea, concept or structure.

The tools we provide are utilized in today's industry but few people know how to use or understand them successfully. If you’re not using these tools as part of your development process then your progress is trailing in today's competitive markets.

At EEA, we don't sensationalize the use of these powerful tools. We simply harness them to get the job done more accurately and in timely manner. We use these tools in conjunction with our clients ensuring that at every step of the way, we all truly understand the inputs and outputs.

We maintain appropriate levels of public and products liability insurances and professional indemnity insurances. We take professional pride in all we do, our systems and processes provide confidence that success is the outcome achieved.