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DT Truck Tray Analysis

EEA has worked closely with DT-HiLoad Australia using CAD and advanced FEA software to develop a range of Mining Truck Trays to suit a variety of different mining trucks.
EEA has developed ‘intelligent’ dimension driven CAD models of these trays to rapidly speed up the CAD process.

Using advanced FEA techniques to analyse designs, we have been able to push the design limits of these trays by significantly reducing tray weight and maximizing the capacity and durability of the trays.

PressurePro Seal Redesign

EEA has worked closely with Pressure Pro to improve the seal design for their tyre pressure sensors.

EEA undertook a number of design modifications to the original sensor design while iteratively anlaysing the designs using FEA.

In the end, EEA produced a design using a largely modified seal arrangement. Changes in the design of the sensor have led to a reduction on sensor returns from 10 per week to 0 over the past 6 months. This marks a clear improvement in the functionality of the device.

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Smart Site Planning & Layout

Using CAD intelligently is also extremely useful for designing site plans and layouts. EEA has recently worked with TyreSafe Australia to help design a Tyre Workshop plan for construction on a mine in South East Asia.

By working in tandem with TyreSafe, EEA developed an understanding of the required workflow and traffic conditions that would be experienced throughout the workshop. This allowed us to optimise the layout of the site and present our proposed design to TyreSafe prior to any construction taking place.

At EEA, we can help you design a workspace that is efficient and using our rendering software, we can show you what it will look like before you outlay millions in construction.

Subsea Sensor Housing

EEA has also worked with Advanced Navigation to verify the structural integrity of a Subsea pressure sensor casing at a depth of 3000m.

This design was originally made from Aluminium, however in an effort to lighten and strengthen the casing, a switch was made to use titanium instead.

After receiving a CAD model from Advanced Navigation, an FEA model was setup and a 30MPa pressure was applied to the external surfaces of the device. The design was then verified for use with the appropriate safety factor.

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Scalable Water Tank Model

Dimension driven CAD models are a very good way of reducing CAD costs charged out to clients.

EEA has worked with Ropono Industries to develop a fully scalable Water Tank model that allows key dimensions to be modified extremely quickly. This process allows drawings for new tank sizes to be output extremely quickly and is a cost savvy solution to anyone who requires a similar outcome.

Mining Truck Stands

Combining engineering innovation and high level analysis tools, EEA designed and manufactured some Mining Truck Stands for use on the Komatsu 930E and CAT777 dump trucks.

A spring loaded caster wheel system was incorporated into the design to ensure the stands were mobile. Under loading, the springs are simply compressed and the bases of the stands come into contact with the floor allowing for a load rating of up to 100T.

Fork pockets were also incorporated into the design to further improve the mobility of the devices.

These stands can be customised to suit any requirements.

HD Rendered Videos & Pictures

Here at EEA, we have access to high end rendering software that allows us to produce High Definition Rendered animations and images to our clients.

Entecho is one client we have worked with extensively to produce a number of full HD images and animations of their unique flying vehicle called the ‘YouFly’.

Using a supplied CAD model of the device and a list of materials used to construct it, we were able to accurately model the vehicle using lifelike materials, textures and lighting to produce unparalleled renders of the aircraft.

FEA Analysis of Concorde Engineering Transportation Frame

A large portion of work carried out by EEA involves certification. Using advanced FEA analysis, we are able to determine if your design is compliant to Australian Standards.

EEA provided this service to Concorde Engineering to certify a Transportation Frame used to simultaneously carry three 375kg blades.

In order to commence this project, EEA was provided with a full 3D CAD model of the frame. This model was then setup under the appropriate load cases and verified using FEA.

Wearforce Bucket Tooth Optimisation

One of our most recent projects has been to investigate the cause of cracking in a particular Bucket tooth design. By closely collaborating with our client and applying our engineering tools and knowledge, we were able to use advanced FEA techniques to provide better insight into the dynamics of the tooth during use. This has led to a number of ideas being discussed about further developing the tooth.

Drillrod FEA Analysis

EEA has also conducted comparative analysis work on various drillrod designs for Remet. Using FEA to analyse a number of designs, EEA was able to determine the cause of cracking in some of the designs which was synonymous with what was happening in the field.

Using FEA to analyse a new design, high stress areas were shown to be around 25% lower.

Leach Tank Baffle Analysis

FEA was also used to help Concorde compare a number of baffle designs used to agitate fluid in their leach tanks. In these tanks, the contained fluid is spun around by a central rotor. As this moving fluid comes into contact with the agitator baffles, a large force is exerted on the baffles themselves as well as the tank wall.

This project involved comparing a number of designs proposed by the client in order to minimise material usage (and cost) while reducing or maintaining original stress levels.

Analysis carried out by EEA revealed that the proposed newer designs were in fact ineffective in reducing costs. Recommendations were made to the client to further refine their design.

CAT777 Mining Truck Flex Floor

One of EEA’s largest projects has been the ground up design of an entirely new tray for the CAT777 Mining Truck.

A systematic approach was taken to design this new concept which involved iteratively analyzing and revising the flex floor design until desired levels of structural integrity were achieved.

Through an efficient design process, EEA was able to produce a design with a number of considerable advantages over the standard tray design. These include:

  • Lighter weight
  • Replaceable floor
  • Easy shipping and on-site assembly
  • Replaceable pivot bushes

MT6020 Bullant Truck Tray

EEA mechanical engineers Ayrton Sue & Ben French worked in conjunction with the DT Hi Load business development team to see through the entire design process of this new tray design. The objectives of the project were satisfied with a 12% increase in tray capacity, higher durability and reduced hang-up over the original design.

Throughout this project, EEA was responsible for the design, engineering certification and overseeing the prototype manufacture of the trays.

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BHP Rattle Gun Lifting Jig

EEA conducted an analysis for a Rattle Gun Lifting Jig for BHP to determine if the jig was capable of supporting the under its own weight