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What is FEA?

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At EEA we use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) computer software to analyse mechanical designs.

FEA is used to quickly, easily and cost effectively, find out whether a design is up to spec for the job.

As our company name projects, Finite ELEMENT Analysis is our major area of expertise. No matter what the application or the material, EEA can analyse it.


Accurate Inputs = Accurate Outputs

Computer analysis accuracy is highly dependent on the accuracy of the inputs.

As EEA is a practical and hands on company, we take all steps possible working alongside our clients in understanding the forces, stresses and strains involed in the operation of the proposed design or structure.

Our in depth understanding allows us at EEA to improve outputs by feeding accurate inputs. With accurate inputs and the powerful computational packages, accurate outputs are produced.

Check out our Field Testing tools which allow us at EEA to know EXACTLY what inputs are being fed into your product or structure.

What is FEA?

FEA breaks a component or structure up in to finite blocks.

Each block is then assigned a material property allowing the computer to predict the real world movement/stress/strain of that block.

Each block is then coupled to the blocks surrounding it allowing interaction between each block.

Finally the real world loads and boundary conditions are applied to the structure.

The model is then run through a powerful computer which accurately simulates the real world movement/stress/strain of the entire component or structure.

FEA Packages

There are many FEA computer software packages available to engineers. Each is best suited for different applications.

At EEA, we utilize ABAQUS, MSC FEA and Solidworks Simulation FEA packages.


ABAQUS is the industry leading FEA computer program.

ABAQUS is used by companies such as NASA, GM Motors, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Hankook, BMW... just to name a few.

ABAQUS allows for the highly accurate computer simulation of components and structures made from ANY material or combinations of materials.

We use ABAQUS when analysing Tyres, Conveyor belts, Large scale steel structures with hundreds of components and Critical welds.

EEA is highly experienced in the use of ABAQUS and this is our preferred analysis package for large scale jobs where high accuracy is required.


Advanced analysis such as vibration analysis, plasticity analysis, and crack propagation analysis are some of the analytical projects we have undertaken on metallic/high strength steel/aluminium structures. EEA has also developed specialized techniques for analysing welded steel structures.

Full rolling resistance tyre analyses are infact some of the most advanced analyses EEA has undertaken. EEA’s mechanical engineer and director, Ayrton Sue, has built a solid foundation of FEA experience after designing and optimizing tyres for many years.

EEA has had great success working with ABAQUS in analysing composite and non-linear components/structures.

Need to know more, contact Ayrton Sue at Element Engineering Australia.


MSC FEA is a high level analysis package capable of analysing complex structures quickly and cost effectively. It is the most widely used analysis package in the world and is used by some of the largest companies in the world.

Where a client’s job is made up of many steel parts joined by welds, bolts or combinations of both, we will use MSC FEA to turn around simulations with high accuracy.

Solidworks Simulation

EEA utilizes Solidworks Simulation for analysis of small assemblies or singular components.

Solidworks Simulation allows for extremely fast turnaround of analysis results. As a CAD model is built in Solidworks, it can be computer analysed for strength and durability at every step along the way.

This allows for quick and easy understanding of how a product or structure will work with relatively high accuracy.

How does a computer know how a structure will react?

FEA computer software uses all the mechanical engineering principles and physics proven throughout history, and applies these to the individual elements.

Each computer analysis package is tried and tested to ensure the computer can realistically simulate the real world stresses and strains in a component.

We understand our tools

At EEA, we have tested our analysis packages against real world tests and against each other. We truly understand the capabilities and accuracy of our analysis packages.

Contact Ayrton Sue or Ben French at EEA for a copy of our analysis comparison paper.