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Engineer Certified

Design Verification

Design Certification

Mine Site Certification

Engineer Certified

At EEA we undertake Design Verification and Design Certification services. Clients can supply CAD files to us, or we can develop a CAD model from onsite measurements or legacy drawings.

We utilize our analysis tools to undertake verification or certification on a structure or product.

At EEA, we have certified mechanical engineers and we will sign off a design once it meets the appropriate requirements.

Design Verification

Design verification is undertaken to ensure a design will meet the requirements of the loading it is used in.

Varification can be undertaken quickly and easily and often does not utilize an Australian or International Standard, but simply generic safety factors given the type of loading on the structure.

Analysis documentation is produced by the team at EEA and the design is verified for the loading scenario.

In the event that our analysis shows that the design does not meet the requirements of the loading, then EEA can advise on the design measures required to bring the design up spec.

Design Certification

Design Certification is undertaken where a design needs to meet the requirements of an appropriate Australian or International Standard.

EEA will investigate the requirements of the standard along with the real world loading on the structure. This information will be coupled together and analysis undertaken.

The entire process is documented and once the design meets the requirements of the standard, the design will be certified for use.

Certification documents as well as a certificate of compliance will be produced for the structure and EEA will sign off on the design.

Mine Site Certification Service

At EEA, we offer a premium on-site certification service to remote mine sites where engineer certification is mandatory on every jig and fixture operating on site.

EEA will come out to your mine site and undertake our analysis and certification services from your site, no matter how remote.

This streamlined process allows fast turnaround of certification and ensures the design is certified to the appropriate standard as fast as possible.