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Field Testing

Real world data


Strain Gauging

General Data Logging

Real world data

Field Testing is an integral part of EEA’s business. Field testing is what sets EEA apart from the rest when it comes to engineering practises.

Field testing completes the End to End Mechanical Engineering cycle. It can be used at the start of a project or at the end, but is always used to fully understand the real world workings of a product or structure.

Understanding the real world forces allows us at EEA to accurately input the correct design conditions and also genuinely understand the problem at hand.

Accuracy In = Accuracy Out

Highly Accurate, Powerful and Portable

At EEA, we utilize high end race car data loggers as data acquisition systems.

These powerful electronic components are light weight, compact and highly accurate. They are used by Le Mans cars, NASCARS, V8 Super cars and DTM European Touring Cars.

We put these powerful pieces of equipment to work on haul trucks, stationary plant and jigs and fixtures. The information gathered from these systems is easy to interpret and highly accurate and can be used to understand the real world workings of a product or structure.

Strain Gauging

Strain gauges are small electronic components which are bonded to metallic, plastic or any hard surfaced mechanisms. These components accurately measure the real world stress which the part is undergoing LIVE, as its working.

Many strain gauges can be placed on different parts of a product or structure. This allows the capture of the realistic stress distribution within the structure.

General Data Logging

EEA can use many different types of sensors to find the loads working on a structure/product.

  • G-Force Sensors – Accelerometers
  • Strain Gauges
  • Temperature Sensors - Thermocouples
  • Position Sensors
  • Linear
  • Vibration
  • GPS

All of these sensors teamed with EEA experience reveal the real world loading on your structure/product/vehicle.